The dreaded tax return filing deadline – it isn’t too late with an accountant in Hertford!

As 31st January approaches, you may still be looking for an accountant in Hertford to help you. As most people and businesses know, January 31st is the normal deadline date for filing your personal tax return online with HMRC. The deadline can be after this date if HMRC issued a “Notice to file” or an actual tax return more recently, in which case you have three months from the date of issue to comply.

If you miss the self assessment filing deadline, HMRC will issue an automatic penalty of £100. In previous years, this penalty would be reduced to match the tax that you owed, or even reduced to zero if you were due a refund. This year, it is different – no matter what tax you owe or are owed, you’ll receive the £100 penalty. Bit harsh if you are a pensioner and have a liability of 60p … the penalty would take half of your Winter Fuel Allowance.

So if your reaction to this news is ‘Accountant Hertford needed’ –  it isn’t too late! At the time of writing, there are still 12 whole days left – but that’s not to say you can leave it another 12 days! I know many people will leave it until the last minute on Tuesday 31st January, but what happens if your PC crashes, or your internet connection fails, or the Revenue’s servers can’t cope with the demand? If you are filing your own return then my advice is to make a start on it now. You won’t change your tax liability by leaving it until the last minute – it is still payable by 31st January!

January is normally a busy time for accountants in Hertford, but I’ve already filed most of my existing clients’ tax returns, and so I am still able to assist any new clients who require last minute help. Please feel free to use my contact form to email me or call me on 01992 505159 for a free no obligation chat.


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