Have you received a self-assessment reminder and how do you pay your tax?

If, like many people, you leave the preparation and filing of your tax return until the last minute, you would probably have been jolted into action by receiving a self-assessment reminder from HMRC. The reminders …

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Changes to the way Class 2 National Insurance Contributions are collected

If you are self-employed as a sole trader or in a partnership, the chances are you are liable to pay Class 2 National Insurance. Many years ago this used to be called “the stamp” – …

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Tax relief – what is it and how do you get some?

Do you want a tax bill of zero?

Many people will do almost anything to avoid paying tax… I can reduce your tax bill to a big fat zero – legally.

Let’s forget about the shenanigans of …

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The Annual Investment Allowance – an important timing opportunity to save tax

The Annual Investment Allowance

Many readers will know that expenditure on capital assets can attract a tax allowance called an “Annual Investment Allowance” which effectively writes off the cost of the assets at 100% in year …

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Are your computer systems safe from Gameover Zeus and CryptoLocker

You may have heard on TV or radio or read in the press about two nasty computer viruses currently doing the rounds.

According to various media sources, the computer servers behind the Gameover Zeus outbreak have …

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Will your excuse for a late tax return work – or raise a laugh?

The deadline is looming

The deadline for filing your 2012/13 self-assessment tax return is 31 January 2014; if you file it late HMRC will issue an automatic £100 penalty. But, if you have a reasonable excuse …

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Phishing emails from Companies House

We’ve all heard, or even seen, the many types of scam and phishing emails apparently from HM Revenue and Customs telling you that you have a tax refund due to you. Some of these emails …

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The power of #HertsHour

The power of #HertsHour (or what’s in a hashtag?)

Some of you will know what the # symbol is doing in front of the term “HertsHour” above. For those that don’t know, the hashtag symbol has …

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The 2013 Budget

The 2013 Budget

It’s hard to get excited about the Budget, after all the whole purpose of the Budget it to raise taxes isn’t it?

But maybe some good news?

Beer duty
A whole penny off a pint of …

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How to pay my self-assessment tax – updated 7th January 2014

This is a question I am often asked at this time of year.

The due date for paying the balance of 2012/13 self-assessment tax is 31 January 2014, together with your first payment on account for …

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